Lemonade Braids

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Lemonade Braids

This style used to be simply known as side braids. But Beyonce put a little twist on them and brought them back in a big way. Lemonade braids are currently one the hottest braid styles in the world and perfect for any woman who is looking to slay!

Lemonade braids are essentially very long cornrows styled with a deep side part to help them fall over one shoulder. You can wear them in a golden blond color like Beyoncé did, or you can experiment with pretty much any other color you want.

Hairstyle for the Modern Queen

In addition to Beyoncé’s golden lemonade braids, we also get requests for pink-toned lemonade braids worn by Nicki Minaj. The sky is the limit when it comes to lemonade braids and you can style them in a variety of ways to suit your lifestyle.

This classic swept-to-one-side style is timeless, and you can rock it for years to come. If you want a more delicate look or you have thin hair, you can go for small lemonade braids to show off this summer.

Or, if you’d rather go for longer styles, consider pulled back lemonade braids to help you stand out from the crowd.
Lemonade braids look noteworthy on all types of hair; they work especially well on women who are blessed with curly, thick hair. And if you want to experiment some more, you can request a center part instead of the traditional side-swept style. Center part lemonade braids look stunning on women with round face shape.

With proper maintenance, lemonade braids will last several weeks.

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