Box Braids

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Box Braids

These traditional African braids have always been one of the most iconic hairstyles and they are back in vogue!

If you are looking for a protective hairstyle that comes with great length as well, look no further. Box braids are created using a multi-strand braiding technique with box-shaped parting at the scalp and extensions.

The braids start from the scalp and go to the end of the hair, and the tips can be worn straight, curled, burned, or weaved.

Ideally, we suggest you come in with an idea of how thick you want the braids to be. However, if you’d like some suggestions, our expert braid technicians can help you determine the perfect size according to your hair thickness.

We make sure you get the right amount of volume and feel comfortable with the weight.

Depending on your hair, box braids can take 2-3 hours to create. The amount of hair extensions used to create this style will depend on how lengthy you want your box braids to be.

Our hairstylists make sure you are completely satisfied with the result and know how to properly maintain your braids after leaving the salon.

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