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Custom Wigs

If you are looking for high-quality wigs that are versatile, easy-to-style, and professionally customized just for YOU, our custom wigs are your best bet.

Our stylists will design your wig based on your unique face shape, preferred hair texture, and lifestyle.

Whether you are experiencing thinning hair or hair loss, our custom wigs are a one-stop solution for that natural-looking, shiny hair.

Our wigs can be professionally colored and styled according to your liking. Leave it down or create an intricate updo –you can experiment with our custom wigs as much as you like!

We make our wigs in a basic style so we can professionally cut, color, and style them to give you that dream look you’ve been wishing for.

Our custom wigs require some upkeep and maintenance since they are made of 100% natural human hair. Once you choose the wig you like, we also offer maintenance services to help you keep that wig looking brand-new for years.

Since our wigs are made of human hair, straightening or curling them is not an issue (in most cases). Even if you wear the wig daily, it can last 1-2 years – if not more – with right upkeep.

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Hair Styles

Below are a few of the hair styles we offer. We cannot list all hair styles, if you cannot find one you like, just call us.

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