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Dreadlocks are hands-down the most exotic yet misunderstood hairstyle in the history of hairstyles! Having survived for thousands of years among the ancient Greek, Senegalese, Aztec, Rastafarian, Indian and African cultures, dreadlocks are back in popular demand thanks to celebrities like Lisa Bonet, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj.

Dreadlocks are basically rope-like clumps that get formed when your hair starts to matt together. But contrary to popular belief, “neglecting” your hair for years is not the only way to get beautiful dreadlocks!

Best Hairstyle for the Modern Unconventional Woman

Our highly-skilled locticians can create stunning dreads strand-by-strand and help you carefully style and maintain them for as long as you wish to keep them. If you are feeling like a hairstyle that screams culture and historical significance, you can’t go wrong with dreadlocks. Many notable musicians, rappers, actors, and athletes have worn dreads throughout the history, and you can join their ranks!

Our locticians can also include multicolored synthetic extensions to give you even more statement-making dreads.

But the best part about dreadlocks is that you can get them as thin or thick as you want. For example, you can get a partial head of dreads if you want short hair. Or you can go for medium or full-bodied dreads depending on how much hair you want.

Installing dreadlocks can take anywhere from 5 to 15+ hours, again, it will depend on how much hair/length you are going for. Waist-length hair with 7-10 mm wide dreadlocks means the stylist will have to install 45-55 dreads which can take 10-15 hours.

It is extremely important that dreadlocks are installed by an expert loctician so they look evenly-formed and stylish. When done properly, dreads will stay clean and hydrated without compromising the health of your scalp.

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