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A crochet braid is a super stylish hairstyle that involves crocheting hair extensions into your natural hair with a crochet hook. Also known as a latch-hook braid, this style is very similar to weaves and is perfect for women who are looking to give a break to their natural hair from all the braiding and twisting.

To create crochet hairstyles, your hairstylist will loop artificial hair extensions through your natural hair with the help of a crochet needle (or something similar). Since this style uses synthetic hair, you can choose any type of hair texture you like – from a bouncy bob to voluminous curls.

Hairstyle for the Modern Trendy Woman

Crochet braids can look effortlessly stylish or next-level cute, depending on how you style them. A classic crochet braid can be simply tied up in a top-knot to create a chic hairdo. Or we can add some color to your crochet braid with colorful extensions and do a springy curls style.

You can also go for a twist-out curls look depending on the hair texture you choose. For a more bold and beautiful style, consider a full-bodied, curly crochet style that will spruce up your entire look.
Crochet braids can take 3-5 hours to install and can last up to 6 weeks with little requirement for upkeep. Crochet braids with ombre hair extensions are one of our most requested looks because it looks great throughout the summer and fall.

But unlike a weave, the hair used in this style is loose and instead of being sewn in, it is looped under the cornrows. The beauty of crochet method is it can be used create any type of twists or braids you want! Depending on how well you care for them, crochet braids can last from 2-8 weeks.

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